Blue Climate Initiative

The Blue Climate Initiative is a global initiative bringing together scientists, community groups, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, influencers, and others to protect the ocean and accelerate ocean-related strategies to address the climate crisis and other pressing environmental issues.

This major global initiative, sponsored by Tetiaroa Society, harnesses ocean-based strategies to combat some of Earth’s most pressing problems– has been selected as one of the first flagship programs of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The UN’s Ocean Decade program is aimed at reversing the cycle of decline in ocean health and creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the ocean. In its new role with the Ocean Decade program, the Blue Climate Initiative will serve as a “network partner” to support and accelerate global collaborative efforts.

One of the first of these efforts will be a US$1 Million Ocean Innovation Prize that will be launched early this summer. The Prize will reward a brilliant, diverse set of innovators and entrepreneurs around the world that address our climate crisis through ocean-related technologies and approaches.

Richard Bailey, Chairman & CEO of Pacific Beachcomber and Co-Founder of the Blue Climate Initiative, is truly one of the leading visionaries behind BCI’s climate-focused, ocean-based innovations: “The Blue Climate Initiative is honored to be selected to support the Ocean Decade program. To help address the urgent challenges facing our oceans, the Blue Climate Initiative is gladly taking on increasing global responsibilities and implementing new programs targeted at major impact. One of the first of these programs will be a US$1 Million Ocean Innovation Prize that the Blue Climate Initiative will launch early this summer. The Brando is delighted to provide the backbone for these programs, helping to fulfill our goal of being a global leader in sustainable development.”