“My wife and me had the greatest second honeymoon posible at the Brando! We would like to thank the Brando Team again deeply for the wonderful “Royal Treatment” we received there. 

As a Hotelier myself, I would like to congratulate them here for the extraordinary product and infrastructure they have developed in this beautiful island paradise location, for the outstanding and refined guest services, for the sophisticated and delicious gastronomy, for the superb attention to details, for the profesional and friendly attention from the staff at all times, and for the exemplary environmental management we saw while there.To obtain this level of quality and consistency requires very fine management skills. Well done! Difficult for anyone to emulate.

We have been fortunate enough in our lives to experience some of the best Hotels and Resorts in the world, but the Brando tops anything we have seen so far. The Brando is not a 5 star Resort, it deserves to be considered a 7 star Resort! The Brando is leading a new era, where luxury hospitality and conservation go hand on hand. This is very rare to find in our industry.

Leaving the Brando back to everyday life was like leaving heaven for purgatory. We are planning to visit them again with a group of friends in September 2018. In the meantime, we wish the Brando all the best and we are sure that it will be a great success and has definetly raised the Bar very high in luxury Hospitality!”

~ Herbret FREI, President of PIKAIA LODGE

“Please add a star! – 5 stars are not enough for this perfect, secluded paradise. At least 6, or 7… is better. Total privacy, the most beautiful lagoon I’ve ever seen (well, not so much marine life, but amazing water colors!), relaxed luxe, fantastic food. Choose the all-inclusive formula, the best for this kind of accommodation. Service is top- notch. They provide everything even before you think need it! I want to be back….soon!”

~ butterfly067Italy  (via TripAdvisor)

“Beyond, Beyond, Beyond
Where do I begin? Its all been said. I’ll start by saying we just returned from the most pleasant 2 weeks of our lives spent at the Brando. Yes! Two weeks.It was for our 50TH Birthday and 29TH(almost 30TH) anniversary.
While flying into Tahiti- just prior to arriving-Id read some bogus review about the Brando- complaining about boredom and nothing to do and I became concerned I’d made a mistake booking my wife and I for 2 weeks. I was sincerely concerned about getting Island fever. 
Well, Island Fever it was. The best fever imaginable. A fever I hate to see wear off. The most unbelievable everything. 
We’ve been to French Polynesia a few times staying at the Intercontinental Moorea and Four Season, Bora Bora. Absolutely no comparison. Ive never been crazy about the food, HOWEVER, the food at the Brando was to die for morning, noon and night. Prepared and presented in the most magnificent fashion and by the best, nicest and most professional servers in the world. These employees are not just great, they ARE The Brando. They believe in the entire experience and the incredible thought and effort that has gone into making this one of the most ecological friendly places on the planet. They recycle everything-and I mean everything. The receive energy and heat from solar panels and coconut oil and they grow much of their own food using compost made from food waste. 
The food was beyond anything we’d ever eaten. I hate squid and I loved the squid! Everything was so unbelievable with perfect portions and just the right balance of flavors.
The island is as private as can be imagined. My wife and I spent 2 weeks walking and riding bikes into the early morning hours because we didn’t want to sleep and miss anything. We would retire to our lounge chairs and sleep until 3-4AM in total seclusion and privacy, waking up to the feeling we were in a climate controlled movie set. It was too good to be true before moving to the villa to finish the night. I will say the atmosphere MAY have contributed to a heightened sense of intimacy-similar to our youth-but I digress.
We went on incredible daily private excursions to many of the privately preserved motu’s to view phenomenal aspects of nature including birds, incredible crabs and countless fish while snorkeling in our private lagoon. (…) –>READ MORE

~ kemawo777 (via TripAdvisor)

“Wow – paradise on earth
This is the best hotel I have ever stayed at, and I can’t imagine one that will rival it. It’s hard to even call it a hotel, because you feel like you’re on your own private island. Yes, it is expensive, but if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it, it is worth every penny. A few months have passed since our stay, and we still frequently refer to the Brando as a magical place that we will always cherish. I was already plotting a return as our flight took off.
A short flight from Tahiti via Air Tetiaroa, the island’s private airline, is this small, magical island whose incredible palette of greens, blues and whites slowly come into view. When you land, you are greeted by a small committee – singing, dancing, and the hotel manager.  Amazing, inventive tropical drinks; fresh, great quality food (and I live in New York City), and the sense that you have the island pretty much all to yourself will spoil you for life. Want to try scuba diving? Done. Snorkeling? An array of fish, rays, and small sharks are directly in front of your villa. Massage? Beautiful facilities and great masseuses await.
The villas are absolutely stunning – we admired every detail of the design, from the outdoor bath to the private outdoor plunge pool in front. The staff were incredibly nice, especially the male waiter at the restaurant. Be sure to go on a tour of the lagoon to see the local birds and coconut crabs, and linger at the beautiful Millionaire’s bay.
Also visit and support the research station – they are up to some great work to preserve the local culture, traditions, history and ecosystem. And ask the staff about how eco-friendly the resort is.
Truly, if heaven exists, it would be very much like the Brando.”

~ Vanessaki_voyage (via TripAdvisor)

“Well……. Please be prepared for the time of your life. This was our second stay at The Brando. We stayed at the end of 2014 for three nights. It was a marvelous experience as evidenced by my review titled “Be Prepared for the Time of Your Life”.  All I can say is this trip for five nights was everything and MORE than the first visit. From our arrival to the private air terminal to our flight to our welcome upon arrival on the tarmac in Tetiaroa, it was even more spectacular than our memories and photos from last time.
Our villa, 106 (on Mermaid Bay) was impeccable, stocked with everything we wanted and many lovely special treats. Each evening there are sweets delivered to each bungalow. Sort of canapes of a ‘sweet’ rather than savory flavor. Our dining experience was fantastic. The service staff at the bars and restaurants are equal to any fine dining service experience at any of the world’s best dining establishments. We dined in our living room or outside gazebo four of the evenings. The service for dinner in our villa was outstanding.
The bar, food and beverage, pool, reception, housekeeping,management and landscaping team are all not to be believed. I would like to point out names of staff to be recognized……please forgive those whose names I have omitted, it is all from memory.
Christian, Julien Cabezas, Kevin, Andrew, NIcolas, Justine, Estelle and on and on and on. Each and every staff member are so pleasant and do all that is humanly possible for the benefit of the wonderful guest experience.
I hope we will be back and thank each and every one of you for making our stay so enjoyable and memorable.”

~ 44carole (via TripAdvisor)

“A most amazing, unique and memorable experience – My wife and I recently returned from our honeymoon at The Brando. It’s a beautiful property and unique with amazing views, well designed rooms and a very accommodating staff. We have both traveled extensively all over the world and can honestly say this was the most enjoyable experience we’ve ever had at a hotel or resort. You will have difficulty finding another location like this one anywhere in the world.

~ Dgioella (via TripAdvisor)

“Trip of a Lifetime – I cannot imagine a more beautiful, tranquil, romantic setting on Earth. The Brando’s dedication to its environment coupled with its dedication to luxury and customer service make it unique. The villas are finely appointed, spacious and offer beautiful views. The food is delicious and always artfully presented. The staff is extremely attentive and very friendly. We rode bikes, enjoyed the beach and the privacy of our own plunge pool, and relaxed with spa treatments. The most memorable excursion was swimming with mother and baby humpback whales. We’re already planning our return trip!”

~ Julie B (via TripAdvisor)

“The Brando is not a resort in the traditional sense. It’s the lap of luxury. From the greeting party who is on the tarmac when you land in their private jet to the same group waving goodbye everything was perfect! The one bedroom “bungalows have a bedroom, living room, media room, wonderful patio and plunge pool. In addition, there is a luxurious dressing and bathroom with an outdoor bath. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and appear to really love their jobs. We cant think of anything that wasn’t first class all the way.”

~ 23pvandyke (via Trip Advisor)

“The Brando did it once again… it’s unanimous… All of my clients who have visited The Brando this summer, have all said the same thing of their multi-stop tour of the very best in Tahiti: Brando! Brando! Brando! I also keep hearing the same thing: once we totaled our bill at (four seasons, taha’a, etc.) we felt like The Brando was not that much of a cost difference. I will definitely share this with future clients! So many thanks for doing all that you do to make the experience at The Brando WORLD CLASS. My clients who stayed are all new clients to me, and I feel like they’re my new clients for life!!  MAURUURU!!”

~ Sue Michailidis,  Leisure Travel Consultant at Connoisseur Travel, Ltd.

“I have traveled the World and tried many a place, but this place has set the bar really high. I honestly can say there was not one flaw there. Crazy as it sounds but I cannot think of one. In fact, the more I think about it, it was perfect.”

~ Peter R (via TripAdvisor)

“I just talked to my clients who returned from a week in Paradise. They absolutely loved The Brando, loved everything about it. They said that it was the most beautiful property they had ever seen and they have been all over.  I could go on and on (because they did) but I can’t thank you enough for the service and attention they got this past week. They can’t wait to return. »

~ Sandie Wiesenthal, Luxury Travel Consultant at Protravel International, LLC

“In fact, we believe, the quietness and serenity of the resort, the natural beauty of the motu and how well the villas have been integrated into the existing “jungle-like” environment make this resort especially unique in the world and worth the cost.”

~ Larry B (via TripAdvisor)

“Highlighting the Brando staff and atoll shouldn’t take anything away from the accommodation, food and facilities. The SPA, which we used several times during our stay, is in a beautiful, relaxing setting, with a large range of treatments and excellent therapists.”

~ Peter R (via TripAdvisor)

“The feeling of peace and serenity embraces you the moment you arrive…”

~ WLSCH (via TripAdvisor)

“The Brando exceeded any expectations we had and offered us experiences that could certainly not be duplicated anywhere else in the world. We regard it, as I’m sure it will soon be widely known, as the archetype for what luxury travel should be. Our hope is that the model you have created in Tetiaroa will influence resorts around the world, luxury and not, to become as sensitive to their surroundings as they are to their guests.”

~ Rebecca G (via TripAdvisor)

“Ultimate Luxury–Trip of a Lifetime” … “If I was given a few months to live, I’d sell the house, max out the credit cards and go directly to The Brando. Words can’t do justice to this earthly paradise! Anything, anytime is at your disposal”

~ Janevm (via TripAdvisor)