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An extraordinary world
forged by the elements,
preserved by coral reefs

Tetiaroa emerges from the vastness of the ocean as an untouched oasis whose beauty defies description. Encircled by a coral reef, the atoll’s 12 motus hold back the vast blue beyond, cultivating a sanctuary of peace within.

Amidst this tranquility, a renowned resort lives in harmony with the natural world, where Polynesian guides lead you on a journey through their ancestral lands. The connection here is profound and genuine, beyond description.


Le partage des richesses de la nature, de l’histoire et de la vie sur l’île

Warm waters invite discovery, while meandering paths call to be explored, and scheduled excursions lead to the atoll’s edge for experiences encompassing life on land, in the air and below the surface. It is here where one meets

the coral reef and the unique wildlife and flora home to these lands. The island’s custodians, the Tetiaroa Society guides, narrate the rich tapestry of Polynesian heritage, creating a profound link with the surroundings.

Expériences d'exploration

And Polynesians celebrate their culture

On Tetiaroa, the essence of Polynesia permeates every activity, from crafting art out of palm fronds to the gentle strum of a ukulele, to the creation of colorful pareus. Here, the islanders’ musical celebrations are an invitation to delve into the community’s heartbeat, moving beyond spectatorship to shared experience.

Art et culture de la Polynésie

Each unfolding moment, each forged connection, ushers in an embrace from the world of Polynesian life and culture, as seamless as being welcomed into an extended family.

A place where a world-class resort is the launch-point for profound experiences

Every design and detail of The Brando has been carefully planned to tread lightly. Buildings gently elevated amongst the surrounding flora, mindfully built into, not on top of, the delicate ecosystem. And sustainability is at the heart of both the Polynesian culture and the life of the resort.


With ample space to stretch out, dine, relax, rejuvenate, or find moments to just be, this special place is more than a launch-point to amazing experiences, it’s what the Polynesian’s call ‘fare’, or simply, home.

Explorer l’hôtel

And sustainability and conservation are a way of life

Tetiaroa breathes sustainability as naturally as the rain, sun and wind upon its fenua (land). With careful practice and consideration, everything is renewed—glass is returned to sand, buildings cool with seawater, and solar panels soak in the day to light paths at night.

This atoll shines as a beacon in sustainable luxury travel, globally acclaimed for its dedication and research. The paramount goal is the atoll’s preservation, ensuring its remarkable ecosystem thrives for future generations to witness and cherish.

Voir notre mission
16,9990° S, 149,5830° O

Notre univers extraordinaire est plus proche que vous ne le pensez

Le Brando est à seulement 20 minutes de vol de l'île Tahiti.

Après avoir quitté notre lounge privé et avoir embarqué à bord de votre avion privé avec d’autres invités, vous laisserez rapidement derrière vous les majestueux pics de Tahiti et verrez progressivement Tetiaroa apparaître devant vous, un spectacle d'une beauté si féerique qu’il vous laissera sans voix.


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Spa & Bien-être

Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is a sanctuary nestled in the embrace of the atoll. The entry is a portal to elevated pathways that wind through tropical undergrowth, diverging here and there like the branches of a tree, and leading to secret abodes for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and healing.

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New culinary experiences unfold as the innovative French chef Jean Imbert brings a signature culinary style to the resort’s dining, a fusion of Polynesian flavors and classical French techniques.

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Réparties sur le motu Onetahi et en retrait juste à côté de la plage se trouvent 33 villas privées, chacune une retraite dans ce sanctuaire appelé Tetiaroa…

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Tetiaroa Atoll is a unique sanctuary where natural splendor, Polynesian heritage, and refined hospitality converge. Under the vigilant stewardship of the Tetiaroa Society, in partnership with the resort and the Brando Family Trust, there is a collective commitment to maintaining this haven within the vast Pacific, ensuring its legacy for the epochs to come.

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Tetiaroa atoll is brimming with life, a natural wonderland calling to be explored. From kayak excursions to the outer limits of the atoll, to diving expeditions below the surface, or lessons in traditional palm weaving, there’s much to discover and share.

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Tetiaroa Society

Inspiré par la vision de feu Marlon Brando de préserver des sanctuaires pour les générations futures et de sensibiliser à la fragilité de notre environnement…

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L'un des endroits les plus visuellement époustouflants de la planète, le Pacifique Sud semble regorger d'une beauté sans fin et sans effort…

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