Mariages et célébrations à Tahiti

On Tetiaroa, the essence of dreamlike celebration transcends mere description, especially during significant life events. Multi-generational anniversaries find their perfect setting as guests are invited to bare their feet, stepping directly onto the soft, sandy embrace of the island’s shores.

The celebration of love and life intertwines with Polynesian authenticity during weddings, where guests are welcomed to engage deeply with local customs and gastronomy. Similarly, milestone birthdays provide a canvas for painting new experiences, each day distinct from the last, across the atoll’s vast beauty. The meticulous orchestration of every detail is assured by a dedicated Guest Experience Team, ensuring celebrations are imbued with the unique warmth of Polynesian hospitality.

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Rachats, Réunion
et voyages de motivation

Tetiaroa serves as a canvas for personalized experiences, where privacy is paramount and every visit is tailored to the individual’s desires. The island is a versatile venue for events ranging from significant celebrations to corporate retreats, all designed with meticulous attention to detail by Tetiaroa’s experienced team.

Participants are offered unique engagement opportunities, including volunteer projects and scientific explorations, aimed at uniting teams through impactful endeavors. Additionally, curated talks delve into Polynesia’s heritage and the vital role of conservation, opening minds to the symbiosis between luxury travel and ecological stewardship.

Tetiaroa’s commitment is to share its pristine environment with visitors, inspiring a vision of a future where opulence and nature thrive together.


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Spa & Bien-être

Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is a sanctuary nestled in the embrace of the atoll. The entry is a portal to elevated pathways that wind through tropical undergrowth, diverging here and there like the branches of a tree, and leading to secret abodes for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and healing.

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New culinary experiences unfold as the innovative French chef Jean Imbert brings a signature culinary style to the resort’s dining, a fusion of Polynesian flavors and classical French techniques.

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Réparties sur le motu Onetahi et en retrait juste à côté de la plage se trouvent 33 villas privées, chacune une retraite dans ce sanctuaire appelé Tetiaroa…

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Tetiaroa Atoll is a unique sanctuary where natural splendor, Polynesian heritage, and refined hospitality converge. Under the vigilant stewardship of the Tetiaroa Society, in partnership with the resort and the Brando Family Trust, there is a collective commitment to maintaining this haven within the vast Pacific, ensuring its legacy for the epochs to come.

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Tetiaroa atoll is brimming with life, a natural wonderland calling to be explored. From kayak excursions to the outer limits of the atoll, to diving expeditions below the surface, or lessons in traditional palm weaving, there’s much to discover and share.

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Tetiaroa Society

Inspiré par la vision de feu Marlon Brando de préserver des sanctuaires pour les générations futures et de sensibiliser à la fragilité de notre environnement…

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Nous trouver

Flights converge from across the globe at Faa’a International Airport, introducing travelers to Papeete, Tahiti, where Air Tetiaroa awaits to whisk them away on a 20-minute scenic flight to Tetiaroa.

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L'un des endroits les plus visuellement époustouflants de la planète, le Pacifique Sud semble regorger d'une beauté sans fin et sans effort…

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Le Brando est singulièrement concentré sur une mission : le zéro carbone. La durabilité sur l'atoll est un partenariat - si la société Tetiaroa est le gardien de l'atoll, alors The Brando est le véhicule pour présenter le travail de la société au monde…

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