Airlines from around the world offer flights to Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti. From Tahiti it’s a short but spectacular 20-minute flight to Tetiaroa onboard Air Tetiaroa, the flight from Bora Bora takes one hour. Our reservation agents will arrange this portion of your trip with you.


Air Tetiaroa

Travel from Tahiti or from Bora Bora to Tetiaroa is by private aircraft operated by Air Tetiaroa — the exclusive provider of passenger service to the island. Air Tetiaroa operates two 6-passenger Britten Norman aircrafts, as well as two Twin-Otter aircrafts with a capacity of 14 passengers, which depart from a private terminal at Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti or from Bora Bora airport’s main terminal.

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Flying between Tahiti and Tetiaroa

When your international or domestic flight arrives at Faa’a International Airport, you’ll be transferred to Air Tetiaroa’s private terminal for your 20-minute flight to paradise. Air Tetiaroa private lounge opens one hour before departure. Although the flight is brief, it will provide you an unforgettable introduction to Tetiaroa.

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Flying from Bora Bora to Tetiaroa

From May 3rd, 2022 to January 17th, 2023, we are pleased to introduce direct one-way flights from Bora Bora Airport to Tetiaroa, operated by Air Tetiaroa for The Brando guests every Tuesday at 12.30pm. This 1-hour direct flight will allow guests to facilitate their itinerary and maximize their time in Tetiaroa, as well as to be more respectful of nature by reducing transfers from one destination to another.

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