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Mementos to keep Tetiaroa close at heart

At The Brando, a trio of retail havens awaits – an emporium dedicated to the lustrous beauty of pearls, a spa boutique infused with the essence of wellness, and an enclave where art, fashion, and souvenirs meet, each offering a piece of Tetiaroa’s soul to cherish beyond the stay.

The Brando Boutique

Within the boutique, a tapestry of local artistry and cultural artifacts is on display, complemented by fashion and accessories sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers and local artisans. The essence of Tetiaroa is captured in the local flavors of vanilla and honey, while Brando and Tetiaroa exclusive collections, alongside travel essentials, cater to the discerning traveler.

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Hinerava’s Pearls

In the realm of luxury, Tahitian black pearls shine with a luster sought after across the globe, their allure comparable to the finest Champagne and Scotch Whisky, and as such, only pearls from French Polynesia may earn the title of ‘Tahitian.’ The artistry involved in assembling a harmonious strand from the vast spectrum of hues, sizes, and qualities is a meticulous endeavor, one that necessitates the discerning eye of an adept in the world of black pearls.

Hinerava’s Pearls is dedicated to sharing these exceptional ocean treasures with the world. Designer and founder Kelly Bailey channels the philosophy of effortless elegance through timeless designs in the rare fusion of precious gems and the exotic hues of Tahitian pearls.

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Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa Boutique

The spa boutique unveils an extensive collection of facial and body care essentials, alongside fragrances designed to envelop both self and space in aromatic luxury. Resort and poolside attire beckon with the promise of relaxed elegance. Each product from the exclusive Varua Te Ora line is crafted as a subtle memento, evoking the spirit of Polynesian culture and the cherished moments spent on Tetiaroa. The exclusive Varua Te Ora line serves as a lingering whisper of Tetiaroa’s charm, a reminder of time spent in the warmth of its floral embrace.

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Spa & Wellness

Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is a sanctuary nestled in the embrace of the atoll. The entry is a portal to elevated pathways that wind through tropical undergrowth, diverging here and there like the branches of a tree, and leading to secret abodes for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and healing.

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New culinary experiences unfold as the innovative French chef Jean Imbert brings a signature culinary style to the resort’s dining, a fusion of Polynesian flavors and classical French techniques.

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Spread across the Onetahi motu and set back just off the beach are 33 private villas, each a retreat within this sanctuary called Tetiaroa…

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The Atoll

Tetiaroa Atoll is a unique sanctuary where natural splendor, Polynesian heritage, and refined hospitality converge. Under the vigilant stewardship of the Tetiaroa Society, in partnership with the resort and the Brando Family Trust, there is a collective commitment to maintaining this haven within the vast Pacific, ensuring its legacy for the epochs to come.

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Tetiaroa atoll is brimming with life, a natural wonderland calling to be explored. From kayak excursions to the outer limits of the atoll, to diving expeditions below the surface, or lessons in traditional palm weaving, there’s much to discover and share.

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Tetiaroa Society

Inspired by the late Marlon Brando’s vision to preserve sanctuaries for future generations and raise awareness of the fragility of our environment…

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Flights converge from across the globe at Faa’a International Airport, introducing travelers to Papeete, Tahiti, where Air Tetiaroa awaits to whisk them away on a 20-minute scenic flight to Tetiaroa.

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One of the most visually breathtaking places on the planet, the Southern Pacific seems to abound in endless and effortless beauty…

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The Brando is singularly focused on one mission: zero carbon. Sustainability on the atoll is a partnership—if the Tetiaroa Society is the guardian of the atoll, then The Brando is the vehicle to showcase the work of the Society with the world…

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