The Vision of Marlon Brando Shared with the World

Inspired by the late Marlon Brando’s vision to preserve sanctuaries for future generations and raise awareness of the fragility of our environment, Tetiaroa Society was founded in partnership with the Marlon Brando Estate, and Pacific Beachcomber, which owns The Brando. These three partners work closely with the local community to protect and preserve the island for future generations.


Creating ways for humankind to live in harmony with nature


Through education, conservation and science, Tetiaroa Society works to drive initiatives that allow humankind and nature to peacefully coexist and prosper together.

A tax-exempt 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organization, the Society conducts its work through relationships with leading research institutions from around the world, then applies those learnings in real-world settings on Tetiaroa and beyond.

Science Program and EcoStation

Science that focuses on global issues and solutions

The Ecostation is a hub where scientists from around the world conduct research into sustainable practices, which are implemented on Tetiaroa and taught globally to improve our relationship with nature.

Other research is broad and varied, yet focuses on some of the most pressing issues of our time from global warming and ocean acidification to mosquito control, which targets one of the most dangerous vectors of disease in the world.

Whale at the surface of the ocean

conservation program

Preserving nature,
wildlife and culture

Tetiaroa Society is dedicated to preserving the precious biodiversity of Tetiaroa. The flagship program Tetiaroa Atoll Restoration Program (TARP) is actively ridding the island of invasive species and tracking the changes as the island ecosystems recover.

This long-term program includes plans to develop the island as a sanctuary and use it to reintroduce and re-establish endangered native species. A strong cultural heritage program is also actively recording traditional knowledge related to the island and protecting the archaeological sites.

Culture and Education Program

Sharing Polynesia with Future Generations

Tetiaroa Society conducts a unique and life-changing Education Program on Tetiaroa that teaches school children about the nature and rich culture of the atoll, as well as modern sustainability practices. The program includes online modules for teachers to use in classrooms and field trips to Tetiaroa for experiential learning on the atoll.

Students leave the atoll with new knowledge about Polynesian culture, and a better understanding of nature, how to protect the environment, and the importance of sustainability.

Blue Climate Initiative

Leading a global effort to protect the oceans

The Blue Climate Initiative is a global effort to bring together scientists, community groups, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and influencers to protect the ocean and accelerate ocean-related strategies to address the climate crisis and other pressing environmental issues.

This major global initiative, sponsored by Tetiaroa Society, harnesses ocean-based strategies to combat some of Earth’s most pressing problems. The Blue Climate Initiative has been selected as one of the first flagship programs of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Visit the BCI site


Collaboration with the world’s leading organizations and companies

All of the work of the Tetiaroa Society is made possible through close relationships with leading scientific organizations and support from local and global companies.



Learn more and support our efforts

As a non-profit organization, we run entirely on the generosity of our supporters and partners.

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