A Summer journey through time

A decade ago, The Brando opened its doors, welcoming guests to the untouched beauty of Tetiaroa. Over the years, we’ve provided unparalleled service and unforgettable moments while preserving the natural splendor of our surroundings. This July, we celebrate this remarkable journey, and we invite you to join us!

Celebrating Ten Years

The Brando transcends the typical resort experience : it is a haven that invites a deep connection with the spirit of Marlon Brando. We’ve curated a series of events that highlight the rich cultural heritage of Polynesia, echoing the profound bond between the land, sea, and its people. Our program is filled with joyful moments, vibrant music, and traditional dances…

From the 15th to the 21st of July

Heiva i Tetiaroa

The Heiva festival, originally known as Tiurai, was established in 1881 in Tahiti under French governance as a celebration of Tahitian cultural identity.

During the month of July, this event showcases traditional Polynesian sports, songs, and dances from different districts of the islands. The festival reaches its peak on July 14th with a grand parade in the capital, celebrating French National Day, widely known as Bastille Day.

To honor this festive season, we have planned:

Bastille Day Celebration

On the occasion of the French national day, we are organizing a Bordeaux evening at Bob’s Bar with Château Trolong Mondot wine paired with french finger food. The property prides itself in eco-friendly cultivation methods in their vineyards. Commented by a sommelier, the tasting features their 2017 and 2020 vintage with Premier Grand cru classé appellation, to discover exceptional aromas while admiring Tetiaroa’s sunset.

Heiva Week

From the 15th to the 21st of July, the time is ripe to experience ancestral traditions and activities! Throughout the week, guests and staff are invited to take part in unique cultural activities: coconut palms weaving and fruit-carrying races, stone-lifting, coconut opening competitions and more.

The celebration includes a traditional Tahitian ahima’a oven ceremony, an authentic culinary experience.

A special evening of stargazing is also planned with our expert guide from Tetiaroa Society, weather permitting. The night sky held a great importance for ancient Polynesians, shaping their representation of the world and providing a compass for navigation.

On July 18th

Anniversary Gala

Mark Your Calendar! On July 18th, we honor our 10th anniversary.

The celebration kicks off with a lively pool party featuring Champagne. As the evening progresses, Bob’s Bar offers cocktails and a magical sunset ambiance. The formal Gala dinner at our Beachcomber Café features a four-course meal, an impressive pièce montée, and live music. The festivities continue with a Polynesian show and more live performances after dinner. It’s a celebration not just of our anniversary, but of our journey and achievements…

From mid-August to mid-October

Whale Watching Season

From August to October, the waters around Tetiaroa welcome humpback whales for mating and birthing before their journey to the South Pole. This is the perfect time to experience a tour with our expert guides to spot these majestic creatures, and, conditions permitting, snorkel nearby for a respectful and awe-inspiring experience.

Celebrate these special moments with us and experience the magic and legacy of The Brando.


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