Untouched by humans, Tetiaroa is surrounded by crystal clear water with coral and vegetation that has to be seen to be believed.

The biodiversity of this place is unparalleled, with so many species of sea life in a small space, all living in harmony, as nature intended. As you round each outcropping of coral, sea cucumbers rest on the bottom, parrotfish nibble at the reef, and black-tip reef sharks and spotted eagle rays glide so close you can almost touch them. This is our nature. This is Tetiaroa.


2 hours (one dive 4 hours (two dives)


Diving certification required.

With enough gear on board to catch a variety of species, you’ll motor outside the barrier reef of the atoll by boat and embark on a heart-pumping fishing adventure. Troll for surface dwelling game fish or go deep for some of the biggest fighters in the Pacific.

Whether you are a trained expert or an amateur, our crew will give you professional tips and make sure your prize catch won’t be the one that got away.



Ideal for

Adults & kids (12 years old minimum)

In the months of August through October, the deep blue waters outside the atoll welcome humpback whales who come to mate and give birth before returning to the south pole. We’ll traverse the atoll and make our way outside to get a close-up view of the migrating whales as they swim, breach and slap their tails. If you’re lucky, our Tetiaroa Society Guide will spot a few whales and their calves within close range and suggest a snorkeling session, just you, a up close but a respectful distance from these giants of the deep.



3 hours

Ideal for

Minimum age 12 years old


Must be strong swimmer

If you can dream it, we can create it. Craft your own itinerary for a few hours, or an entire day. Stay within the atoll, venture beyond the outer limit into the deep blue Pacific Ocean, or travel as far away as Tahiti and Bora Bora. Choose from the experiences we offer or challenge our team to share experiences only we know about.

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