Tetiaroa remains a sanctuary untouched by human hands, embraced by crystal clear waters where coral and vegetation thrive in a spectacle of natural beauty. The atoll’s biodiversity is unmatched, hosting an array of marine life coexisting as intended by nature.

Coral outcroppings serve as stages for sea cucumbers resting on the seabed, parrotfish grazing on the reef, and black-tip reef sharks and spotted eagle rays gliding within arm’s reach. This natural wonder is the essence of Tetiaroa.


2 hours (one dive 4 hours (two dives)


Diving certification required.

Equipped with an array of gear to lure a plethora of species, guests embark on a thrilling fishing excursion beyond the atoll’s barrier reef. Here, one might troll for surface-dwelling game fish or pursue the formidable fighters dwelling in the depths below.

Regardless of guests’ skill levels, the crew are at hand to provide expert guidance, ensuring the trophy catch doesn’t become the ‘one that got away’.



Ideal for

Adults & kids (12 years old minimum)

From August to October, the deep blue waters bordering the atoll serve as a sanctuary for humpback whales arriving to mate and give birth before their migration back to the southern pole. Excursions around the atoll offer a vantage point for observing the majestic journey of these whales as they engage in their aquatic ballet of swimming, breaching, and tail slapping. On fortunate occasions, the Tetiaroa Society Guide may discern whales and their calves at proximity, facilitating a snorkeling venture that allows for an intimate, yet respectfully distanced, encounter with these leviathans of the ocean.


3 hours

Ideal for

Minimum age 12 years old


Must be strong swimmer

Dreams transform into reality with the creation of personalized itineraries spanning a few hours or an entire day. Options range from staying within the atoll to venturing into the deep blue Pacific Ocean or traveling to neighboring locales such as Tahiti and Moorea. Guests may choose from the available selection or challenge the team to reveal unique experiences known only to them.

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