“My wife and me had the greatest second honeymoon posible at the Brando! We would like to thank the Brando Team again deeply for the wonderful “Royal Treatment” we received there. 

As a Hotelier myself, I would like to congratulate them here for the extraordinary product and infrastructure they have developed in this beautiful island paradise location, for the outstanding and refined guest services, for the sophisticated and delicious gastronomy, for the superb attention to details, for the profesional and friendly attention from the staff at all times, and for the exemplary environmental management we saw while there.To obtain this level of quality and consistency requires very fine management skills. Well done! Difficult for anyone to emulate.

We have been fortunate enough in our lives to experience some of the best Hotels and Resorts in the world, but the Brando tops anything we have seen so far. The Brando is not a 5 star Resort, it deserves to be considered a 7 star Resort! The Brando is leading a new era, where luxury hospitality and conservation go hand on hand. This is very rare to find in our industry.

Leaving the Brando back to everyday life was like leaving heaven for purgatory. We are planning to visit them again with a group of friends in September 2018. In the meantime, we wish the Brando all the best and we are sure that it will be a great success and has definetly raised the Bar very high in luxury Hospitality!”

~ Herbret FREI, President of PIKAIA LODGE