The Brando offers two shopping opportunities including a luxury pearl shop and a gift store.

Occurring naturally in superlative palettes, Tahitian pearls elicit fascination. Hinerava is dedicated to bestowing these exceptional ocean gems upon the world. Elegant compositions highlight the natural colors of Tahitian pearls while designer and founder, Kelly Bailey, channels the philosophy of sophisticated simplicity in her designs. Thus is born a contemporary, luxury line of Tahitian pearl jewelry that focuses on the unique combination of exceptional precious gems with rare colors of pearls. Find out more about Hinerava, Fine Tahitian Pearl Jewelry.

The Boutique on Tetiaroa offers a wide variety of items including local art, The Brando and Tetiaroa apparel and accessories, sustainable fashion clothing, Tahitian vanilla beans, honey from Tetiaroa’s own honey bees and travel necessities. Find out more on the boutique’s website.